Arcus Loves – Meal Time

Arcus Loves – Meal Time

One of our Animators, Tom, introduced the studio to this smashing animation recently: Meal Time by Tiffany Wei.  I asked some Arcus goons why it was so great.

Tom said:

I love the characterization of each group. its so expressive that all the personality just bursts through the screen.  The art style is simple but gorgeous and really helps to sell the adorable feel of the whole animation, which couples perfectly with the delightfully innocent music playing throughout.  Makes me wish I hadn’t skipped lunch!

Alex said:

YES!! It has a messy, choppy animation Ghibli-esque style that I love, with vibrant, characterful line-art. The characters have the super fun look of Natasha Allegri’s work but as if they were drawn on a whim of the moment.  It is also edited extremely well, adding a lot of humour in with jump cuts.  I love when the sports dude kicks the bowl of popcorn and the timing of the cut JUST after the little girl makes her monster face.

The walk cycles are also fantastically diverse and obviously painstakingly drawn to get as much character into them as possible. The middle ‘cool girl’ walk is amazing with her arms flapped outward.  Also, the unrealistic proportions are so charming – the mum’s big ankles and the glamorous dinner-date girl’s huge bum. Its the best thing Tom’s ever shared with me!

Miguel said:

I liked the old blokes getting wrecked on sake.