Augmented Empire

We were approached by our friends and frequent collaborators, video games and VR specialists Coatsink, to create a trailer for their new game ‘Augmented Empire’

Augmented Empire is a turn-based tactical RPG and the first of its kind designed purely for VR.

Augmented Empire takes place on the island of New Savannah, an isolated neo-noir city divided into three tiers by the Citizen Grade
System. From the armchair of your secluded hideout, control a team of six misfits in a world rendered as ‘augmented reality’, while
interacting with the office around you to investigate new developments, make calls, and refine the skills of your team.

We worked with two of the games artists, Nick Adrian who provided us with backgrounds for many of the shots adapted from the games concept art and Lucy Kyriakidou, who’s incredible character design provided the basis for our depiction of Ashley
We put together frame by frame hand drawn animation with multi plane backgrounds to allow for some dynamic camera moves before drenching the whole thing in rain and neon lights.