Soupa! Trailer

Soupa! Trailer

Soupa! Trailer

Towards the end of 2015 Horseboy Productions came to Arcus to visually develop, storyboard and animate an explosive three minute trailer for their show SOUPA!  And here it is!

Created by Seb Bance, Greg Davies and and Adam Sutherland, SOUPA! is the story of Patrick, a young boy whose scientist mum creates splendid soups that transform him into a soupa-powered soupa-hero who finds himself in embroiled in a conflict between a good narrator and an evil narrator (who are fighting to control the town of Brothton and the plot of the show itself!)


From cream of tomato tidal waves to snarling broccoli gangsters, the trailer shows off  Patrick’s amazing soupa-powers, the world-influencing narrators, and a whole host of monsters and villains.


Created almost entirely in Adobe After Effects, the project enabled us to further develop our expertise in 2.5D layouts and advanced After Effects character rigging, all tied up with some energetic 2D comic book style effects.

There’s going to be some big things happening between Arcus and Horseboy in the future, so watch this space!

Horseboy photo adjusted

The Arcus and Horseboy crews unite!

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