Staff Interview – Rosario Leal

Staff Interview – Rosario Leal

Staff Interview – Rosario Leal

We’ve been lucky enough to nab the talented Animator Rosario Leal for the last few months, while she’s here in our office we asked her a few questions.

How’s it going, bro?

Good, good.  Just ate half a bag of yellow M&Ms so pretty good!  By the end of this interview, the other half will probably be gone.

What’s the best thing you’ve ever worked on and what is the highlight of your career so far?

Freelancing for Arcus, for sure! My original plan after graduating from Uni, was to not even contact Arcus until I’d had at least three-four years in the industry.  Just admire your work in the distance.  I was too shy to show my face!  No clue how this happened, but it’s definitely the highlight.

Awww!  Well we’re lucky to have you.  So what is your deal anyway? What are you into?

Other than animation and design? Food, plants and cats.

Bring some plants into the office!  We need more greenery in here.  What TV are you binging on at the moment?

Nothing! I’ve over-binged and now there’s nothing to binge on!  It’s a terrible situation to be in.  I would love to wait a couple of weeks to have some Game of Thrones episodes piled up, but it’s so hard to protect your ears from spoilers in the studio!  You gotta watch and you gotta do it fast.

Agreed, I have to spend all Monday with my fingers in my ears to avoid finding out who got slaughtered on Sunday night.  What are you looking forward to?

A thunderstorm. I’ve been in the UK for three years and I’ve only heard thunder twice! What’s up with that?

We’re good at grey skies but no weather with any drama to it.  What is a weird fact about you?

I can’t poker face.

Or is that a bluff?  What is your favourite animal?

Le cat.

Yuck.  Dogs 4 life yo.  Do you believe in aliens?

For sure!! They’re out there.

What is the best album of all time?

Merriweather Post Pavilion.  I mean, probs not the best album of all time, but I think it’s my favourite.

Oh wow that’s a little bit hip for us, we’re mainly just into Justin Bieber at the moment.  What is the best movie of all time?


 Nice choice! Ask yourself a question, but do not answer it.


 I refuse to explain.  Tell us a joke.

How about an educational fact instead?
“Penguins are the only fish that can fly.”

I’m taking your word for that and doing no further research on the topic.  Thank you for this fact.  Well, it’s lovely having you Rose, hopefully you’re around much longer than just over the Summ… wait a second… penguins aren’t fish!  You LIAR!  


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