Staff Interview – Mark Hughes

Staff Interview – Mark Hughes

Staff Interview – Mark Hughes

We love Animator Mark Hughes.  He came to us fresh from Newcastle College’s superb animation course and dominates every project we throw at him.  He also has a nascent talent as a voice over artist, surprising everyone around him with his perfect impressions and uncanny accents.  We asked him a bit about himself…



How’s it going, bro?


Hullo! What are you into?

Art and Animation mostly, always love seeing new stuff! My other main interests are retro video games (Particularly ones on Sega Consoles) and really old Japanese Kaiju movies, among others!

What is your favourite animal?  I’m presuming it’s Sonic the Hedgehog?


Oh!  Can’t fault you on that choice! Tell us a massive secret.

The clouds and bushes in the original Super Mario Bros are the same thing.

Mind BLOWN!  What inspired you to become an animator?

I’ve always enjoyed drawing, but discovering Flash movies on-line way back when made me want to try my hand at it. The early stuff I made was just to make myself laugh, but as time went on I learned more about the history of Animation and found it fascinating. I started really having fun making things move.  It sounds cliché but there’s something really satisfying to me about making a drawing come to life!

Can you explain the appeal of Mickey Mouse?

Apart from the fact he’s so well designed, in his early days he was such a versatile character. Audiences could feel sympathetic or be made to laugh because of his antics in a way that no characters before him were really able to manage. Not to mention he’s just funny to watch in those old black and white shorts.

He’s really like the O.G Sonic the Hedgehog isn’t he?  Speaking of contentious issues, If the Arcus studio erupted into an impromptu fight to the death, who would be your pick for the victor?

Whichever one of you is secretly a robot with pew-pew laser eyes.

That’s likely to be Alex Davy, right? Who is the worst superhero?

That’s gotta be Arm-Fall-Off-Boy. His superpower is to detach his limbs and beat you with them, so I’d say he’s pretty ‘armless! (See what I did there? And yes, that is a real Superhero.)

What is your favourite Nicholas Cage movie?

Ghost Rider 2, for THAT scene. You know the one.

Haunting.  What’s the most underrated film of all time?

 The live-action Flintstones movie from 1994. John Goodman was a pretty good Fred Flintstone, I thought!

Good call! Describe yourself in three words.

 Artistic stick insect.

Tell us a joke.

“Knock Knock?

Who’s there?

A pile-up.

A pile-up who?”

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