Animation with Character

Established in 2010, our promise at Arcus has always been to always showcase great character, both in our work and in the service we provide. We proudly fly the flag of creative animation for the North East creating a range of content from full service long-form childrens content, to short-form commercial, educational and marketing animations.

Production Services

Whether you’re developing an idea or seeking a full-production partner, we offer a range of production services to suit your needs. From script to screen, concept to completion, our team is experienced in creating bespoke animation using full series production techniques. We host a talented and diverse team of designers, animators, writers, and creatives who are dedicated to ensuring the success of your project. With professional communication, project management, planning, and execution, your project is in safe hands.

Commercial Services

Making animation work for you

We work with agencies and businesses across the UK and beyond to create amazing animations and motion graphics for advertising, social media, tv production, illustration and more. All handcrafted by our expert team; offering you a personalised service which puts your needs and goals first. Our expertise will lead your project in the right direction, working with you to understand your branding and intentions to create dynamic and engaging video campaigns. You’ll work with our trusted and welcoming team which give you the freedom to be as involved or as laid back as you like.


From regional advertisements to idents for channels like E4 and childrens content for BBC. We have a proven track record of creating captivating animations that resonate with audiences of all ages. We’ve partnered and collaborated with global agencies to bring their campaigns to life and guided businesses through the journey of their first animation project.

Marketing and Social

Marketing through animation is a powerful tool for brands and businesses to communicate effectively, be it through eye catching motion graphics, explainer videos or infinitely sharable bite sized social media snippets. We can personify your brand through characterful animation to get fingers clicking and search rankings soaring.


Whether it’s training in the work place or teaching in the classroom, animation is an incredibly engaging format for education, providing learning and entertainment at the same time.
Get in touch to benefit from over a decade of experience delivering educational content for various ages and topics including foreign languages for Macmillan Education, diabetes treatment for Changing Health and series on Biology, History, Geography and more for BBC Learning.


Medical and Health

Working with a range of clients such as The National Institute for Health and Care Research, Marie Stopes and the NHS our work communicates complex medical concepts, empowers patients to make informed decisions, educate healthcare professionals on the latest advancements, and facilitate effective communication among all stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem.

Games and Apps

Animation brings the worlds of games to life, and creates engagement and responsiveness within apps and immersive experiences. We deliver in game character animation with tools such as Spine and Toonboom Harmony Gaming, and expertly apply our full production process to creating punchy, attention grabbing animated trailers and cutscenes to more your story forward.

Want to discuss a project?

Get in touch to start a conversation, find out more about the process and recieve a quote for your animation project. 

Scriptwriting is the foundation of any great animated project. With our expertise in storytelling, we can help adapt and refine drafts, offer feedback, co-write or weave new narratives from original briefs and collaborative workshops. Our in team has over a decade of experience and is bolstered with a trusted network of experienced writers across children, feature films, documentary and commercials.

Essential steps in the animation process, detailed storyboard and high quality animatics will create the perfect blueprint for any animation production.
We use industry standard software Toonboom Storyboard Pro along with Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro to plan, time and refine each production.

Have a script or brief and ready to move forward? Whether its styleframes, characters, environments or props, we explore, iterate and refine as we work with you to visualise the world of your project. Setting the style to move forward into production with character turnarounds, background layouts and prop designs.

Taking finalised character designs and other visual development material we can create character rigs, animation ready background layouts and vectorise props, creating everything needed to allow animation to begin.

To bring characters to life our talented team use industry-standard software, Toon Boom Harmony Pro, for both frame-by-frame and rig-based animation. Additionally, we have over a decade of experience creating appealing character animation in Adobe After Effects using rigging systems such as DUIK, Limber and Rubberhose.

With a mastery of after effects we can bring a professional shine to any motion graphics that  your project may require – from titles to tracking, and kinetic text to to particle effects. Our motion graphics work demonstrates perfect curves, smooth transition, unexpected transformations and slick visualisations. We’ve created title sequences, lower thirds and helped convey complex messages with combinations of character animation, iconography and clever visual metaphors.

We are here to assist you in putting the pieces together of your project by combining  layouts, characters, and effects to achieve the final polished result. Our expertise encompasses aspects such as lighting effects, camera work, tracking, and effects animation and more.

The finish line is in sight but if you need hep wrapping up your project we can help with final editing tweaks and sound pass and outputting your creation in every format you require.